Band: The Love Coffin (Copenhagen, DK) Album: Cloudlands releases 28 September 2018 via Bad Afro Records

Band: SUDAKISTAN (Stockholm, SWE) Album: Swedish Cobra [LP], released 07 September 2018

Band: The Underground Youth (London, UK) Album: Fill The Void  released 07 September 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

Band: Tombstones In Their Eyes (LA, CA) Album: Nothing Here EP , released 24 august 2018

Band: Muertos (Basildon, Essex, UK) Album: Suck It Up, released 24 august 2018 via Roadkill Records

Band: Lo Peninsula (Imphal, India) Album: AKA Lo Peninsula, released 18 august 2018

Band:The Myrrors (Tucson, Arizona) Album: Borderlands, released 17 august 2018 viaBeyond Beyond is Beyond Records

Band: The Black Delta Movement (Kingston Upon Hull, UK) – Debut Album ‘Preservation’ released 03 August 2018 on  Clubbed Thumb Records.

Band: Sun Mahshene (Dublin, Ireland) Single: Tales of Fiction (Radio Edit) , released 28 July 2018 via Deathcapades Music Ltd. Sun Mahshene  info

Band: Yesterday’s Muddled Goodbyes (London) Tracks: Keeping me keen & Will it be alright , released 14 July 2018 via Soundcloud.

Band: Constant Smiles (Massachusetts)  Album: Lost, released 28 June 2018

Band: Lumerians (Oakland / San Francisco, CA)  Album: Call Of The Void,  released 22 June 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

Band: Deathtrippers (Leeds, UK)  Single: Disintegrate​/​Hand in Hand  released 15 June 2018

Band: New Speedway (Philadelphia, PA)  Album: Total Babe  released 15 June 2018

Band: Mayflower Madame (Oslo, Norway)  Album: Premonition,  released 18 May 2018

Band: Déjà Vega (Winsford,UK)  Single: Eyes of Steel, released 14 May 2018

Band: High Sunn (San Francisco, CA)  Album: Missed Connections [LP], released 04 May 2018 via PNKSLM

Band: Tess Parks (Toronto, Canada)  Single: Grunewald (feat. Anton Newcombe), released 04 May 2018 via A Recordings Ltd

Band: Landing (Stafford / New Haven, CT)  Album: Bells In New Towns, released 04 May 2018 via El Paraiso Records

Band: Medicine Boy (Cape Town, South Africa)  Single: Water Girl, released 03 May 2018.  First single from their forthcoming album, which will be out on Fuzz Club Records

Band:  Ceremony (Fredericksburg, VA) -Fifth Album: ‘East Coast’. Released May 2018

Band: Cathode Ray Eyes (Nottingham, UK) – Single: My Skeleton’s For Sale. Released 26 april 2018

Band: Sun Voyager  (New York) – Album: Seismic Vibes, released 20 april 2018

Band:  Medistation (Sweden) – Album: Medistation , released 20 april 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

Band:  Black Doldrums (London, UK) – Single: Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang) , released 18 april 2018. B side – Exit City Lights

Band:  A Place To Bury Strangers (Brooklyn, NY) – Band’s 5th Album: ‘Pinned‘ released 13 april 2018 via Dead Oceans

Band:  Zombie Girlfriend (Budapest, Hungary) – Album: ‘Wind’ out in Spring 2018.

Band: Melting Palms  (Hamburg) – Album Melting Palms released 7 april 2018

Band: Firefriend  (São Paulo, Brazil) – Album: Sulfur released 6 april 2018 via little cloud records 

Band:  MIEN ( LEVITATION & The Black Angels‘ Alex Maas , The Horrors‘ Tom Furse, Elephant Stone‘ Rishi Dhir and The Earlies‘ John Mark Lapham)  Album: MIEN released 6 april 2018 on Rocket Recordings

Band: Anthroprophh  (Bristol, UK)  Album  OMEGAVILLE  released 30 March 2018 via Rocket Recordings

Band: Vypers (Toronto, Ontario) – Debut Album Champion 100 released 9 March 2018 via Fishbum Records

Band: Tuath (Dublin, Ireland/Eire)  Album: Youth EP released 2 March 2018 

Band: Wild Meadows (Melbourne) Album: Wild Meadows album released 2 March 2018.

Band: The Dunes (Adelaide, AUS) Single: (Just Because You’re Not Being Followed Doesn’t Mean You’re Not) Paranoid released 28 february 2018. Single taken from he upcoming (later in 2018) full length album “The Dunes” on Off The Hip  (AUS) and Oak Island Records (EU/US).

Band: DEAFLOVERS (Angers, France) ‘Last Day’ from ‘Death Club’ EP out 16 february 2018

Band: The Altered Hours (Ireland) Album: On My Tongue, releases 24 February 2018.

Band: Dead Vibrations (Stockholm) Album: Dead vibrations (released 26 january 2018)

Band: Moonwalks (Detroit, MI) Album: In Light (The Scales In The Frame), released 26 January 2018 on  Stolen Body Records

Band: Undone (Skopje, Macedonia)  Track: Questions To answer (from an upcoming Undone 2018 release)

Band: Sun Mahshene (Dublin, Ireland)  Tracks: Ride The Wave & This Girl I know (Work in progress).

Band: Venture Lift  (Woodstock, New York) Single: Turn On (Friday groove mix) (released 12 January 2018)

Band: Arms Bizarre (Virginia Beach) Album: Bizarre Family Drama (released 15 December 2017)

Band: Helicon (Glasgow, UK) Album: Helicon (released 8 December 2017)


Band: Hurricane Heart Attacks (Argentina) Single: OCD/Fake Gold (released 24 November 2017)

Band: Daisy Jaine (Hyogo, Japan) Album: Under the Sun (released 18 October 2017 via dead funny records)

Band: New Candys (Italy) Album: Bleeding Magenta (released 6 October 2017)



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