Band: Tess Parks & anton newcombe (Toronto / Berlin) Track: ‘please never die’, from the new self- titled album “tess parks & anton newcombe” releases 12 October 2018 on ‘A Recordings Ltd.‘,  releases 12 October 2018

Band: Blackbird Mantra (Hamburg, Germany) Album: Riverside Bar,  releases 12 October 2018 via La Pochette Surprise Records

Band: The Holy Spirit of Nothing (Vienna, Austria) Album: Sermons,  releases 21 September 2018

Band: Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Dresden, Germany) Album: Prozacco,  released 14 September 2018

Band: The Goa Express  (Manchester, UK) Album: Use Your Brain ,  released 13 September 2018.

Band: Purple Heart Parade (Manchester, UK) Album: Lonestar EP,  released 7 September 2018. through Club AC30

Band: Magic Shoppe  (Boston, MA) Album: In Parallel, released 31 August 2018. © 2018 – Little Cloud RecordsCardinal Fuzz

Band: Soundwire (Cardiff / Swansea) Forthcoming single: UXB. Video directed by Pedro Wilde /

Band: Tombstones In Their Eyes (LA, CA)  Album: Nothing Here released 24 august 2018

Band: Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin (San Diego, CA) Album: Cabin Fever, released 14 August 2018.  Single: On The Mountain (Side A) / Solitary Man (Side B) (Neil Diamond cover), released 12 February 2018

Band: Casual Hex (Chicago, Il) Album: Casual Hex, released 11 August 2018

Band: Admiral Eschaton’s Splintered Ashram  (UK) Album:  Admiral Eschaton’s Splintered Ashram released 05 August 2018

Band: The Durty Wurks   (Edinburgh, UK). Album: Ballads Of A Psychedelic Soul released 03 August 2018

Band: Bee Appleseed & The Cosmic Family (LA, CA) Album: Backpacker Blues, released 20 July 2018

Band: Man & Machine (Airdrie, UK) Album: Earthman, released 19 July 2018

Band: Old Smile (New Jersey) Album: Falling Feeling EP, released 14 July 2018

Band: Tesla Death Ray  (Zürich, Switzerland) Album: Verveine Illusion, released 14 July 2018 on Taxigauche Records

Band: The Babe Rainbow (Byron Bay, AUS) Album: Double Rainbow , released 13 July 2018 via Flightless Records

Band: Echo Courts (Greensboro, NC) Album: Room With A View, released 13 July 2018 via Refresh Records

Band: Electric Vertigo (Washington, D.C.) Album: Electric Vertigo, released 12 July 2018

Band: Mellow Yellow (Adelaide, AUS). Albums: Mountaintop released 10 July 2018 & Love Sonnets & Dancing released 01 march 2018.

Band: The Nude Party (Boone, North Carolina) Album: The Nude Party released 06 July 2018 via New West Records

Band: (Heraklion, Greece). Demo: Strangest Places released 05 July 2018 on Soundcloud

Band: The Psychics (Nashville, TN) Album: The Psychics, released 30 June 2018

Band: Les Big Byrd (Stockholm, Sweden) Single: A Little More Numb, released 29 June 2018 via PNKSLM Recordings. A Little More Numb [7″] , taken from the new album “Iran Iraq IKEA”, released 12 October 2018

Band: Moon Daze (San Francisco, CA) Album: Moon Daze EP, released 28 June 2018

Band: BAITS  (Wien/Vienna, Austria) Album: Stalkershades released 27 June 2018. Psych / Garage

Band: The Count & His Majestic Band (Chicago, IL) Album: The Count & His Majestic Band EP, released 23 June 2018

Band: Dead Man’s Eyes (Cologne, Germany) Album: Words Of Prey, released 22 June 2018 in collaboration with Tonzonen Records

Band: The Gentleman Losers (Helsinki, Finland) Single: Rising Tide, released 22 June 2018, taken from the album “Permanently Midnight” published december 2017 via Grainy Records

Band: Fingerless (Brisbane, AUS) Album: Outhere, released 20 June 2018 via Valley Heat Records

Band: Daydream Time Machine (California) Single: Nova released 15 June 2018

Band: You Said Strange (Vernon/Giverny, France) Album: Salvation Prayer, released 8 June 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

Band: Chicos de Nazca (Berlin, Germany / Santiago de Chile) Album: Step Back To Get Up  released 6 June 2018

Band: Mote (Melbourne, AUS) Singles: Magnetic Space & Adventure Call, released 6 June 2018. Taken from their debut album ‘Samalas’ LP due to be released later this year. Videos by Scotty Wilson. Mote are Ben Blakeney, Leigh Barker, Scott Wilson & Luke Millar

Band: The Mojo Caravans (Athens, Greece) Single: The War Ain’t Over / Earth Waltz released 5 June 2018.

Band: Babe Ruthless (LA, CA) Albums: Still ToxicLil King Trashmouth & El Diablo released 2 June 2018

Band: Undone (Skopje, Macedonia) Album: Everything Is New Under The Sun released 2 June 2018. ‘Future Is Good’ video by bloodmeridian

Band: The TeleVibes  (Boston, MA) Album: Major Drones , released 1 June 2018

Band: Beach Skulls (Manchester/Liverpool, UK) Album:  Las Dunas [LP], released 1 June 2018

Band: The Pacers (London, UK) Single: How Will I know? (iTunes), released 1 June 2018 through Psych-A-Rella Club

Band: Chatham Rise (Minneapolis, MN) Album: Meadowsweet released 31 May 2018 via Picture In My Ear

Band: The Bleachés (Manchester, UK) Album: Easter Island EP released 28 May 2018

Band: Wand (LA, CA) Album: Perfume EP released 25 May 2018

Band: The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Berlin) Album: Something Else released 25 May 2018 via A Recordings Ltd

Band: Wooden Shjips  (San Francisco, CA) Album: V. released 25 May 2018  on Thrill Jockey Records

Band: Jim Younger’s Spirit (Aix En Provence, France) Album: “No human tongue can tell”  releases May 2018 via Closer Records

Band: The Cult of Free Love  (North Wales, UK) Single: .​.​.​And The Sun Shall Rise In The East released 21 May 2018

Band: The Sun’s Evil Twin (Cergy, France) Album: International Brotherhood of Evil EP released 20 May 2018

Band: Rosaire (Saint Brieuc, France). Album: Crystal Eyes, released 19 May 2018. Watch & Listen more rosaire music

Band: The Asteroid no. 4 (San Francisco, CA) Album: Collide released 18 May 2018

Band: Cosmonaut On Vacation (Birmingham, Alabama) Album: top of my lungs EP  released 17 May 2018

Band: Alien Mustangs (Thessaloniki, Greece) Album: Alien Mustangs – Alienation  released 15 May 2018

Band: Freelectricity (L.A., CA) Single:  c’mon  released 15 May 2018. Freelectricity is Dylan Jones

Band: The Third Sound (Berlin, Germany) Album: All Tomorrow’s Shadows released 11 may 2018 via Fuzz Club Records. Solo project of icelandic singer, Hákon Aðalsteinsson (formerly of Singapore Sling, currently touring in Brian Jonestown Massacre)

Band: AUX PORTES (Vienna, Austria) Single: Leash  released 12 May 2018

Band: Our Solar System – Vårt Solsystem (Stockholm, Sweden) Album: Origins released 11 May 2018  on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

Band: Jennifer (London, UK) Single: In Your Heart, released 8 May 2018

Band: Black Sand  (Auckland, New Zealand) Album: Into Forever released 8 May 2018

Band: Blackberries (Cologne, Germany) Album: The Texas Tapes released 4 May 2018  via Unique Records

Band:  Rob Clarke and the Wooltones (Liverpool, UK) Album: Big Night Out Album and Bonus Disk, released 30 april 2018

Band: Junkyard Liberty (Caen, France) Track: ‘Youth’, published on 28 April 2018

Band: The Valkarys (Edinburgh, UK) Tracks: Gene Clarck and Reggie Says released 28 april 2018/16 may 2018. Demo versions of new song that will be included on a new album 2018

Band: Frankie Teardrop Dead (London, UK) Single: Joy in Division released 21 april 2018.   From the upcoming album “All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace” released in summer 2018 / Demo: Planet Eclipse (Live)

Band: Dream Phases  (L.A., CA) Album: Easy Love released 20 april 2018 via Lunar Ruins. Dream Phase is Brandon Graham /  Shane Graham / Keveen Baudouin 

Band: Minami Deutsch / 南ドイツ (Tokyo, Japan) Album: With Dim Light released 20 april 2018 . Their split 7″ with KURO via God Unknown Records releases 11 may 2018.

Band: The Transpersonals (Bristol, UK) Album: ‘Illuminated by the Light of Dreams’ (released 20 april 2018)

Band: Violet Fields (Berlin) Album: Blooms / Memories’ is the first single -released 19 april 2018- taken from Violet Fields forthcoming debut EP ‘Blooms’.

Band: Purplefox Town (Prague, Czechia) Album: Purplefox Town released 9 april 2018

Band: Pontiacs (Santiago, Chile) Album: 4th released 8 april 2018

Band: De Underjordiske (København/Copenhagen, DK). Track: ‘Flænger i luften’ is the first release from ‘s 2nd album of the same name, released on 6 April 2018 at Flammekaster Records

Band: Shiva and the Hazards (Melbourne, AUS). Album: Future Cult Classics EP, released 6 April 2018

Band: Triptides (L.A., CA). Album: Visitors released 6 April 2018 on Requiem Pour Un Twister.

Band: Sun Scream (London, UK). Album: Take It Easy released 5 April 2018

Band: Sons Of Zöku (Adelaide, AU)  Album: Can Dead Dance released 2 april 2018.

Band: Mareotis (Toronto). Album: Admiral Nelson Mandala released 31 March 2018

Band: Calliope (Milwaukee, WI). Album: Chapel Perilous released 31 March 2018

Band: Holy Wave (Austin, Tx) Album: Adult Fear released 30 march 2018 on  The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Band: Farfisa (Manchester, UK) Demo: Synapse (Fire away) – DEMO released 30 march 2018 via Soundcloud

Band: Mystery Flavors (San Francisco, CA) Album: Welcome to Flavor Country EP released 28 march 2018

Band: The Planets Collide (Launceston, Tasmania, AUS) Album: New Beginnings EP released 25 march 2018. The track ‘Override’ is a new cover of the single initially released on June 10th 2015

Band: Sun Sap (Sydney, AUS) Album: Sometimes, Always, Never, Maybe released 23 march 2018

Band: Ghost Dance Collective (Edinburgh, UK) single ‘No Place To Hide‘ taken from ‘Ghost Dance Collective’, GDC debut album released 16 march 2018

Band: The Orange Kyte (Vancouver). Album: The Orange Kyte Says Yes!  released 16 march 2018 on Little Cloud Records

Band: New Aura (Boston, MA) Album: New Aura  released 15 March 2018

Band: Hollow Fortyfives (L.A., CA). Album: Strange Times released 13 march 2018

Band: Flores de Sinaloa (Buenos Aires, Argentine). Single: ‘Esther Narcótica’ [‘Babasonicos‘ cover (1997)] released 12 march 2018

Band: Bike  (São Paulo, Brazil). Album: Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request, Bike’s third album released 10 march 2018

Band: Gloria (Lyon, France). Album: Oidophon Echorama released 09 march 2018 on howlin banana records & Ample Play Records

Band: The Mushroom Club (Glasgow, UK). Single: You’re Mine released 07 march 2018. Video by Psychoactiv

Band: UnAlfabet (Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel). Album: Origins EP  released 04 march 2018

Band: The Noise Figures (Athens, Greece). Album: Telepath released 02 march 2018 on Inner Ear

Band: The Big Peach (Manchester, UK). Album: The Big Peach released 02 march 2018

Band: THE COVE (Madrid, Spain). Album: Wasted Times released 02 march 2018.

Band: Love’n’Joy (Kiev, Ukraine) Single: ‘Come About’ (released 1 march 2018 ℗ 2018 Crimy Records)

Band: Melody Fields (Gothenburg, Sweden) Album: Melody Fields (released 26 february 2018)

Band: Domiciles (Fife, Scotland,UK). Single: Common Language released 26 february 2018

Band: Black Lizard (Helsinki, Finland). Album: Celebration Of A New Dawn
(released 23 February 2018 on Fuzz Club Records)

Band: The Holifields (Chattanooga, TN)  Album: Hugo Holifield and the Atomic Phaser released 23 February 2018 via  Taped Records

Band: Transistor (Wellington, New Zealand) Album: Soft Burning Silver, released 23 february 2018.  Single: All You Remember (released 29 January 2018).

Band: Straylings (London, UK) Oliver Drake (former guitarist in The Veils) and Dana Zeera (bass, piano, vocals and synths). Album: Wild Medicine (released 23 February 2018)

Band: Last Of The Easy Riders (Denver, CO)  Album: Unto the Earth  (released 22 February 2018)

Band: The Hungry Onions (Austin, TX) Album: She’s a Mod (released 21 February 2018)

Band: The Hanging Stars (London, UK). Album: Songs For Somewhere Else (released 16 February 2018 on Fuzz Club Records)

Band: Dream Giant (London, UK) Single: ‘New Love’ feat. Moth Rah  (released 16 February 2018 on Paisley Parade Records), taken from the album A Different Light released 17 november 2017

Band: Resurrection Committee (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Album: Join!, released 14 February 2018 via Strawberry Coffin

Band: The Dandelion (Sydney) Single: El Poncho Rojo (time to go), from the upcoming album “Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion”

Band: Pearl Charles (L.A., CA) Album: Sleepless Dreamer (released 2 February 2018 via Kanine Records).

Band: The Cush (Fort Worth, TX) Album: Isle of Man (released 2 February 2018).

Band: The Laissez Fairs  (Las Vegas, NV) Album: Empire Of Mars (released by Rum Bar Records on February 2nd, 2018).

Band: The Prefab Messiahs (Boston, MA) Album: Psychsploitation Today (released 26 January 2018) via lolipop records / BURGER RECORDS

Band: HOLY (Stockholm, Sweden) Album: All These Worlds Are Yours [LP] (released 26 January 2018), via PNKSLM Recordings.

Band: Mantis (Portland, OR) Album: ep 1 (released 25 January 2018)

Band: The Jim Mitchells (Sydney) Album: Love Hypnotic (released 22 January 2018)

Band: The Limiñanas (Perpignan, France) Album: Istanbul is sleepy EP (released Nov 2017) and Shadow People (releases 19 january 2018).

Band: The Feltones (Austin, Tx) Album: Feltones (released 17 January 2018)

Band: Faces Of The Walls (Reykjavík, Iceland) Album: Faces Of The Walls (released 13 January 2018)


Band: Black Sonic Revolver (Manchester, UK) – Is This Even Real? – Track 6 on new album “Different!” – Out January 2018

Band: Mt. Mountain (Perth, AU) Single: Cathedral (released 10 January 2018)

Band: Undone (Skopje, Macedonia) Album: Meeting Tent compilation (released  08 January 2018)

Band: The Citradels (Melbourne) Album: God Bless (released 08 January 2018)

Band: Aum Radio (Montreal) Album: Whirlaround (released 01 January 2018)

Band: The Kundalini Genie (Glasgow, UK) Album: Reverberation (released 23 december 2017)

Band: The Sugarman Band (Moscow, Russia) Album: EP Elektricheskiy Les (released 16 December 2017)

Band: Coywolf (Oakland, CA) Album: Death Blossoms (released 27 October 2017)

Band: Marianna Linde & The Distortions (Warsaw, Poland) Album: Sun (released 03 October 2017)