Compilations 2018

Total Feedback 2018 by Only Feedback

 (Releases 10 October 2018) Total Feedback, a shoegaze specialized concert event held place in Koenji High, Tokyo. A 10th anniversary compilation album of this event including 12 shoegaze bands from Japan, Taiwan and China.

Featuring  Cruyff in the bedroom / ••••••••• dotstokyo / Cattle / plant cell / DoZzz / Doodlebroken little sisterスプール Spool / Al Van She’s Coming / U.TA 屋塔 / RUBUR / Lucy’s Drive


(Released 18 August 2018) featuring WAKE IN JUNE  / Crash Dept FB / maheekats FB / Aloysius Scrimshaw FB / In This Mode FB / Corasandel  FB / Fluffytails  FBWhettman Chelmets TwitterSounds of Sputnik FB / Citrus Clouds FB / Paragon Cause FB / Ummagma FB

You’re Still in a Dream II by Stupid Decisions

 (Released 16 August 2018) featuring De Regreso a Nocheósfera // La Vida Después FB //  Orquídea FB //  La Gran Tortuga FB //  Mosaicz FB // Lacing  FB  // Sound and Fury  FB //  Creature in The Spiral  FB  //  El Glum  FB  //  Somewhere FB  //  Angel Aura FB  //  plant cell  FB  //  Fun With Ether FB  //  Glish  FB  //  Figmennt  FB  //  17 years Old And Berlin Wall  FB  //  Neyemia grue  FB  //  Terraplana  FB

 The DarkSide Of TBTCI, II by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 1 August 2018) featuring  Joy Must Remain FB / Consejo FB / Candélabre FBDeaf Dance FB  / Reduction Plan FB  / Death ListFB  / Japan Suicide FB  / Blood Bells  FB  Grandeur  /  Seaside Caves FB  /  Lotus Whispers  /  Unpaid Intern FB  /  Mannequin FB  /  Last Exit Vk  /  Outside Air  FB  /  The Lost End  FB  /  Sister Disaster  FB

The New Adventures Of TBTCI by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 25 July 2018) featuring No Swoon FB / Vienna Youth FB / Northwest FB / Centrefold  FBReveries FBCrash Dept.  FB / Douse FB / Anajunno  FB / Hooray For Humans FB / Loom Instagram / Sheath / Lasitud FB / Noizu  FB / Sonic Apparitions FB / Megumi AcordaFB / Tapeworms FB / Harvey Lush & His Orchestra  FB / Syrup, Go On FB / Neurotic Friends  FB / Pinemoon FB / Palewave Twitter / A Broken Sail FB

Feelings Called Glorious, A Tribute To Adorable by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 10 July 2018) A tribute To Adorable FB featuring Crash City Saints FB / Kill The Moose  FB / Slow Glows FB / Nax (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude) FB / Infinite Room  FB / Isn’t FB / The Royal Landscaping Society FB / Tambourina / The Pristines FB / Nah FB / Sinking FBSkullsquadron  FBOverly Polite Tornadoes  FB  / Black Nite Crash  FB

Resistance Compilation: In Support of the Southern Poverty Law Center by Somewherecold Records

(Released 22 June 2018) <<A group of international artists have come together and donated original tracks (Lazy Legs is the only exception*) in support of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “The SPLC is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.” They provide legal assistance to the oppressed, compile data on hate groups in the U.S.A., and education both law enforcement and the public on these groups. You can further look at their organization here: >>.

*Lazy Legs track ‘Soft Skull’ taken from Chain of Pink EP

featuring Venn  / BEATASTIC / highspire / Vlimmer / Orange Crate Art / Pia Fraus / Gustavo LeyesTears Run Rings / The Beremy Jets / Xeresa / Nax / Blackpool Astronomy / Lazy Legs / The Corrupting Sea

VA – TBTCI Dives Into Asian Sounds by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 20 June 2018) featuring Plant Cell / Broken Little Sister / Dear Eloise / Fluffytails / Rubur / Cosmic Child / Rural District / Pullo / Afor Gashum / See The EyeSourin /  Your Gaze

Welcome Tomorrow, Love And Rockets In Another View by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 29 may 2018) featuring We Are Parasols / Plasticstatic / Black Nite Crash / Bysts / Panophonic / Teenage Sin Taste / Dark Narrows / Darkswoon / Soñder / Astral / Daydream Cathedral / Wipeout / Adam Watkins (ReunionunionTonerodent) / NewAgeHealers (feat. Patrick “Seton” O’Connor)

nøthing #05 by nothing

(Released 24 May 2018) Fifth Compilation by Nothing A french Collective of Shoegaze, Psych and Rock bands. Featuring  T/O / Tapeworms / La Houle / Saintes The Name Of The Band / Dead Horse One / Bank Myna / Good Morning TV / Des Roses / Big Wool / Still Charon / Soon, She Said / Brace! Brace!High June / Dead / Volage / hermetic delightthat green / Son of Fonos

Chiaroscuro. Italogaze 2018 by Seashell Records 

(Released 11 May 2018 by Seashell Records in collaboration with Vipchoyo Sound FactoryShoegaze BlogShoegazin’ Your Waves) featuring IN HER EYE Music / WEIRD. Music /  THE MYSTIC MORNING Music  / ELECTRIC FLOOR Music  /  MARY’S RESTLESS DREAM Music / LAY  / OBREE Music /  STELLA DIANA Music / KLAM Music / NOVANTA music  / THE YELLOW TRAFFIC LIGHT Music / BESTRASS Music  / REV REV REV Music

Protect Yourself From Aliens, Swirlies Revisited byThe Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 26 april 2018) featuring The Cult of Lipmusic  / Early Morning Skymusic  / Fuzzy Feelingmusic  / Away Forwardmusic  /  The Sorry ShopmusicLost Echoesmusic  /  UNIFORMSmusic  /  Sweammusic  / You’re Jovianmusic  / Bugjarmusic  /  Zeit!musicvideodaysmusic  / Kittingermusic  / Adult Colourmusic

Psychosphere: Vol. 1 byOngakubaka Records

(Released 9 april 2018) featuring Kill West  Music / Holy Monitor  Music / Baby Jesus  Music / Wett Nurse Music /   Music / The Tailbreakers Music / Pansies Music / Hollow Hand Music / Marias  Music / LOVEBYRD  Music

U​.​F​.​O. Stories, A Tribute To The Flaming Lips by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 30 march 2018) featuring The Starlight Run music / D.E.B.B.I.E. music / Snowball II  Music / Ego Tripping  musicRobsongs music / The Wagner Logic music / Mequetrefe music / Skullsquadron music / Under Orbit  music / Ikiryo music / The Sspacepony music / Fir Cone Children music/ The Echo People feat. Jonathan Segel  music  music / Half vs Laidback halfmusic  /  Inspiraling music / Vlimmer music

Little Cloud Records by little cloud records via Psychedelic Underground Generation

(Released 12 march 2018) featuring New Candys  website / The Orange Kyte website / Magic Shoppe bandcamp soundcloud / Pete International Airport websiteFirefriend websiteBurning Palms  bandcamp  /  HEAVEN  bandcamp

TONEBENDER 2018 by Library Group Records

Tonebender 2018 is a compilation of Sydney Shoegaze & Dreampop artists. The compilation coincides with a festival of the same title. Details:

(Released 9 march 2018) featuring EGOISM musicHoly Forrest musicFabels musicAqrn  musicSketch Jets music Tremolo Please musicKey Out  music   /  Syntax Error musicHAZEY musicThe Doe and the Scapegoat musicLapse musicSkullsquadron  music drowning fleets  music

Lovelife, A Homage To Lush by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 1 march 2018) featuring  93MillionMilesFromTheSun music / Coloring Electric Like music / Life on Venus music / The Autumn Sighs music / Lacing  music / Blackpool Astronomy music1 music2 / Vivienne Eastwood music / Otoño music / Vibrissae music / Blushing music / Cherry Heaven music / DRLNG music / Stella Diana music / The City Gates music / Degree Absolute music / Omega Vague feat. Dani Mari music / See The Eye feat. Yudhit music / Whimsical music1 music2

VA – Fuzzy Feelings Collection by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 19 february 2018) featuring fuzzy feeling music / early morning sky music / Bur music / Zombie Girlfriend music / Vicious Blossom music / Nine:Forty:PM music / Sicayda music / Matty Ann music / Videodays music / Vast Asteroid music / GYHT music / Shoe Shine Six music / Droopies music / Pure Confusion music / Beach Bully music

Happy Days Are Here Again, A Homage To Starflyer 59 by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 15 february 2018) featuring The Vera Violets music / Biltmore Dive music / Pale Shade music / The Lakeside Drive music / All Sparks Burn Out  music / Grey Goes Black music / Daze music / the velvet fever music / Cherokee Dreams music / Lord Bendtner Music

 # 01 (2018) by  Psychedelic Underground Generation / The PUG

(Released 2 february 2018) featuring Sunflowers  Castle Spell Swedish Death Candy – Liquorice (Parts 2 & 3) Dead Meadow –  Keep Your Head /  Helicon – Ring The Albanian The Black Heart Death Cult – Setting Sun Pretty Lightning – Willow Valley Blues Cascabel – Time to Wake Up / Rosaire – I Am Alone Beechwood – C_F Leather Girls – Arabian Daze / Baby Jesus –  Over and Over Again The Shelter People – What It Means To Love The Kundalini Genie – The Soul That Makes Me Yours Full Moon Fiasco – Queen of Hearts Vymaanika – Spectroscope / Yagow –  Time To Get Rid Of It Coywolf – Star Drool Blue Dream – The Battle Of Cicero

Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs. by The Blog That Celebrates Itself

(Released 2 february 2018) Tribute to the record label Sarah Records and some its most emblematic bands Electric Lo-Fi Seresta (The Field Mice)The Blue Dress (Another Sunny Day)Astragal (Secret Shine)Corrections (East River Pipe)Soft Science (Northern Picture Library)Voluptuous Panic (The Sweetest Ache), Vamping (The Field Mice)A Certain Smile (St. Christopher)The Northeastern Railroads (East River Pipe)Echodrone (Northern Picture Library)Dopedrone (Eternal),  Pure Morning (The Field Mice)Battery Point (Another Sunny Day)Videodays (Action Painting!)Tall Ice Lung (The Hit Parade)Seatemples (The Field Mice)Glass Arcades (Secret Shine)Claudio Cataldi (Another Sunny Day)At Night (The Field Mice).

From Russia With Fuzz Vol. 1 by Magnetone Studios

A compilation influenced by 60’s garage and psychedelic sounds and noise. Released 16 January 2018 featuring  Los MojosMinistry Of FlowersSpace Trees, The ZebraMystic BrewThe ThunderbeatsThe JibesThe Spoon BoxThe Karovas MilkshakeStone Shades, Heartbeat, the CavestompersYellow Spectacles Transfer Factory &  The Sugarman Band.

The Reverb Conspiracy – Volume 5 by Fuzz Club Records 


(Released 12 January 2018Fuzz Club Records Featuring Dead Vibrations,  Melt Dunes, JuJu, Helicon – Glasgow10 000 Russosdreamweapon, NONN, Julie’s HaircutSEKELTRAAMS, PSYCHEDELIC TRIPS TO DEATH, The GlutsAvenue ZThe Black Heart Death Cult, You Said Strange and Spirit Valley .

It’s Only A Reflection by Your Psych Tunes


My Eyes Have Seen You’, Meeting Tent Records (compilation no. 2)

Released 8 January 2018 with not previously released songs from the bands: Frankie Teardrop Dead, Undone, Unruly Girls & Sweet Jane and Claire, HIGH & DRYs, Nameless (UA, Ternopil), Perija and Fire Healer.



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