New single from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s forthcoming two albums to be released this year via A Recordings Ltd: “Hold That Thought” which comes from the album “Something Else” (released 25 may 2018) and “Drained” which will come from the self titled album that will be released in September of 2018.

BJM 2018 tour: MAY (Canada & USA) JUNE (Australia) AUGUST- SEPT.-OCTOBER (Europe)

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A noisy, dark, and enlightening urban therapy – Single “Humdrum” by OS NU


The British/Danish outfit based in Berlin formerly known as ‘Astral Tide‘ have changed their name to ‘OS NU‘. In their new form the British Matthew Potter (bass, vocals, engineering) & Mark Yeoman (guitars, vocals, synth, engineering), and the Danish Jonas Duus (drums, production) find an amazing combination, an agitated and spiky post-punk sound with a high dose of electronic pulse, a pinch of psych and a new wave atmosphere that electrifies the music in a climax of hollow and haunting industrial soundscapes.

The amazing result of this mixture (they call ‘drum and gaze’), is the single “Humdrum”, a post-punk sound without dissimulation, but with a peripheral melody that leads to unexpected details with a nod towards the most incisive edge of experimental rock. The punk freshness of the single gives it naturalness, but at the same time the electronic warp that underlies the entire track endows it with maturity and credibility, giving continuity to a consistent, energetic and arranged tune.

In the lyrics the Berliner band keep the essence of the post-punk idea, claiming for the individual against social machinery that anguishes the singularity of the individual.

Out as a digital release on 16.03, OS NU’s single “Humdrum” moves the listener into a showcase of noisy, dark, and enlightening urban therapy.

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Magic Flight Launch Box   

Magic Flight Launch Box    

Leland, Illinois
Magic Flight Launch Box is an iconoclastic and experimental sound and visual experience, an implosion of shoegaze, psych, jazz, grunge, spoken lyrics,  in a hypnotic wave of intimate swirling, twisting around fuzzy and electric whispers. Simply brilliant.

Magic Flight Launch Box is not only  music  and  sound is Visual  and art too.

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