1. The Underground Youth (Berlin) ‘Fill The Void’ taken from Fill The Void single, released 7 september 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

2. Velveteen Riot (Glasgow, UK) ‘Quietest Day’ from She Rains Over Me  released 20 July 2018

3. The Beremy Jets  (Malmö, Sweden) ‘Proud​-​button’ from the album Careless released 27 July 2018

4. Nothing  (Philadelphia, PA)  ‘Blue Line Baby’ from Dance On The Blacktop released 24 august 2018 via Relapse Records

5. In Her Eye (Milano, Italy) ‘Change’ from Change released 1 June 2014

6. Holy Forrest (Sydney) Single ‘Whirl’ from Whirl / Cumulo released 15 september 2018 via

7. ALIEN BOY (Portland, Oregon) ‘Somewhere Without Me’ from Sleeping Lessons released 31 august 2018 via tiny engines

8. True Primitives (Portland, OR) ‘Real Love’ and ‘Up In The Sky’ taken from the album Revolutions released 24 august 2018

9. Firefriend  (São Paulo, Brazil) ‘Yellow Spider’ from Yellow Spider released 13 July 2018

10. Glass Horses  (London, UK) Single Satellites released 18 July 2018

11. Palm Haze  (Vancouver, BC) Single Drop In released 7 september 2018

12. Burning House  (Southampton, UK) Single Peach released 8 august 2018

13. Single Lash  (Austin, TX) ‘Frozen Honey’ from the album Providence releases 26 october 2018 via Holodeck Records

14. Jemez  (Brooklyn, New York) ‘Port’ from single Port | Edna released 3 august 2018

15. Heaters  (Grand Rapids, Michigan) ‘Venus’ from yje upcoming album Suspended Youth releases 2 november 2018 via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records

16. Film School  (LA, CA) Crushin’ from Bright To Death released 14 september 2018

17. Gold Muse  (Boston, MA) ‘Sterling’ from single Flower / Sterling released 20 july 2018 and ‘Centerfold’ from Blue / Centerfold single released 7 september 2018

18. Did You Die  (Victoria, BC) ‘Til The Morning Light’ from upcoming ROYAL UNICORN releases 16 october 2018

19. Slow Glows (Cincinnati, Ohio) ‘Fortune Teller’ from 79 Moons EP released 7 september 2018

20. It Looks Sad. (Charlotte, NC) ‘Drool’ from Sky Lake releases 2 november 2018 via Tiny Engines

21. Trench (Syracuse, New York) ‘Carbon Dust’ second single off Ritual Love , debut album released 21 September 2018

22. Pastel Dream (Davis, CA) ‘Silence’ from Too Much Too Fast released 5 July 2018

23. Ovlov  (Newtown, Connecticut)  ‘Baby Alligator’ from TRU released 20 July 2018

24. Tonemirror  (Toronto, Ontario) ‘October’ from You’re Getting Colder released 6 July 2018

25. Sona (Lawrence, Kansas) ‘Waiting’ from EP 2 released 14 september 2018

26. Echo Ladies   (Malmö, Sweden)  ‘Apart’ from Pink Noise released 8 June 2018

27. Citrus Clouds  (Phoenix, Arizona) ‘Nothing Familiar’ from Golden Sun released 30 July 2018

28. EndlessWhite  (Xi’an,China) ‘告白的歌 Song to Crush’  and ‘A Lost Dog Story 元宝’ taken from Flow West to You released 4 september 2018

29. Seasurfer (Hamburg, Germany) ‘Into Dust’ taken from Vampires released 4 august 2018 via Saint Marie Records

30. Echolust (LA, CA) ‘Sabi Said’ from Loomer released 29 June 2018

31. Paloma Track ‘UwU’ Soundcloud September 2018

32. flirting.  (London, UK) ‘Peppermint’ from This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me releases 5 october 2018

33. The Daysleepers (Buffalo, NY) ‘Foreverpeople’ taken from the album Creation released 7 september 2018

34. Soft Kill (Portland, OR) ‘Swaddle’ & ‘Trying Not To Die’, taken from Savior released 11 may 2018 on Profound Lore Records

35. Slow Crush (Belgium) ‘Aurora’ from Aurora releases 28 september 2018 on Holy Roar Records

36. Lo Peninsula (Imphal, MN, India) ‘Another Divine Joke’ from AKA Lo Peninsula released 18 August 2018

37. Xeresa (Brighton, UK) ‘The Good Life (Ft Tom Lugo)’ from II released 16 June 2018 via Shore Dive Records

38. Shalloboi (Chicago Il) ‘made of sand’ from black moon released 18 may 2018

39. the spirit of the beehive. (Philadelphia, PA) ‘mantra is repeated’ from Hypnic Jerks released 14 September 2018 through tiny engines

40. The Microdance (Hackney, UK) ‘Get Darker’ from Our Love Noire releases 12 october 2018

41. Novacoma (Leeds, UK) ‘Paint A Smile’ from 2 Libras released 8 september 2018

42. plant cell (Tokyo, Japan) ‘Pinot Noir’, track included in the Japan Shoegaze Compilation ‘Total Feedback 2018’ releases 10 october 2018 via Only Feedback Records

43. ··········dotstokyo  (Tokyo, Japan)  いくつかの夜、いくつかのさよなら (Some nights, some goodbye), track included in the Japan Shoegaze Compilation ‘Total Feedback 2018’ releases 10 october 2018 via Only Feedback Records

44. Your Gaze  (Nashville, Tennessee) ‘Expression’ from Noisedive released 25 July 2018

45. etti/etta (Calabria, IT/Toronto, ON) ‘Baked Again’ from Old Friends released 17 august 2018

46. The churchhill garden (Lucerne, Switzerland) ‘bittersweet’ (feat. krissy vanderwoude) released 31 august 2018

47. The Fallen Sky  (London, UK) October (demo)

48. inVerse (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) ‘Salt’ from Salt / Story single, released 10 september 2018

49. La Gran Tortuga (Jujuy, Argentina) ‘Las Energías’ from VELOCIDAD EP released 3 June 2018

50. Perfect Body (Cardiff , UK) ‘Fields’ from Perfect Body / Zac White Split EP releases 23 November  2018 by  Bubblewrap Collective

51. Pree Tone (Kiev, Ukraine) ‘Token’ from Kiddy released 19 august 2018

52. Flower Vision (London, UK) ‘Imploded’ from Innocence released 2 september 2018

53. Subsonic Eye (Singapore) ‘Come Around’ from Dive Into released 14 september 218 via  Middle Class Cigars Records

54. Trillion  (Sydney, Australia) ‘Drive Away’ from Maybe Sometime Soon released 9 august 2018

55. Lovesick (Sydney / L.A., CA)  ‘Collarbone’ from An Introduction released 24 august 2018 via Sun Terrace Records

56. Soundpool (New York)  ‘My Ethereal Daydream’ from On High released 29 august 2018

Playlist by  Psychgazer



(Rostov_on_Don) Label: Hands and Moment When I thought about making this playlist the first name that came to mind was the band of Yana Komeshko (vocals-guitar), Vladimir Karpov (guitar), Valery Kalkutin (bass) & George Komshin (drums). The band meets all the requirements of experimentation that have enriched rock in the last decades. The recipe is complicated but the result is magnificent: a pinch of the classic Russian coldwave, seasoned with a refined post-punk, a touch of psychedelia, and all wrapped up in Yana’s masterful whispers, Vladimir’s distorted guitars and the defined and structured rhythm in the bass and the drums. The attractive clammy and velveteen sound of the shoegaze is then transformed into something sublime.


(Saint Petersburg) Label:  Pinkshinyultrablast is Lyubov (vocals), Roman (Guitarist),  Igor (bass), Sergey (drums) &  Rustam (synths). Maybe the russian shoegaze band with most international projection. The evolution of the band from the dense and electric shoegaze, to a more eclectic and electronic sound has not meant a loss of personality or freshness, but a natural enrichment of sound, giving it a wider and more contemporary shape and coverage.


(Moscow) Their debut album “Lie Paradise” will be released soon . The singleI Can’t See Your Eyes’ weaves indie, shoegaze and noise pop sounds in equal parts with an attractive vocal combination. Listening previous jobs is appreciated a great amalgam of sounds and styles, from punk and noise rock drums and guitars, to Pop and shoegaze vocals. Even they dared to cover to ‘The Jesus and Mary Chain’ giving a personal and attractive touch to ‘In a Hole’. It’s really worth take a listen.


(Yekaterinburg) The “grungegaze” band Shoe Shine Six is recording a new album. Their album ‘Sunday’, published in January, moves in an electric balance between post-punk and shoegaze. ‘Sunday’ has received excellent opinions from the specialized blogs and reviewers

Акульи Слёзы (SHARKS TEARS)

(Ufa, Bashkortostan) The album debut is entitled In The Museum of my Memory’, released 26 april 2018, hardly four months after they managed to give their first gig. Ethereal Shoegaze. Soft, fluid, personal and enveloping sound, in the purest slowdive style. Hypnotic and fantastic voice wrapped in perfectly linked guitars  catch your attention and feeling from start to finish.


(Vorónezh, Chernozemie) Shoegaze since 2014. VVAIT is Yegor (bass & vocals), Kurt (guitar) and Alex (drums). They released their S/T 5-track album in June 2015.  A bouquet of songs well structured in the shoegaze style of the 90s. Shiny Shoegaze, sometimes opaque, with that cloudy sound that hooks. Their last two songs are ‘hypnology’ included in The Pop Underground Vol​.​1 Comp. and ‘Serpentine’ included in The Pop Underground Vol. 2: WIintergaze by pow! pow kids


(Moscow) Label:   Moon Sounds RecordsSounds of Sputnik is Roman Kalitkin, Oleg Mezherovsky, Oleg Luzhetsky, Dmitriy Bobrinev, Anastasia Berezovskaya, Almaz Gaifutdinov (and Shauna McLarnon on vocals for studio recordings).  There are fibers of an affordable post-rock without stridency, harmonious, interspersed with dream pop and the most recognizable and appreciated shoegaze in the warp of their music. The band is enriched in different collaborations in a simbiosis  with the Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma (Shauna McLarnon & Alexander Kretov).

(Samara) Reverberation guitars  and sad lyrics in waves of noise pop and shoegaze.  The drums take center stage in some of the tracks, which, far from saturating the sound, give a fluid and decisive rhythm. Self-title album released 1 June 2018.


(Samara) Life on Venus is a shoegaze / dreamgaze quintet based in Samara, the sixth most populated city in Russia, to the banks of the Volga river. Melancholic lyrics run in a deliberated dreamgaze soundscape, and are interspersed with the cadence of the shoegaze . The vocals lull in a subtle and harmonic way through a melding of guitars, synths and drums in perfect harmony.. Albums: Distant Lights (march 2016) and Encounters (march 2017)


(Rostov-on-Don) The original creativity of the band mix a family of noisy styles (shoegaze, post punk and garage) immersed in the purest sound of the cavernous 80. However, in every track a style stands loudly out above the others making difficult a specific definition of the band. We are left with their ‘Shoegarage’ tag, but without forgetting the post punk stream flowing through all their music.


(Saint Petersburg) Blankemberge’s ethereal electric waves are made by Yana Guselnikova (vocals), Daniil Levshin (guitar, synth), Dmitriy Marakov (bass), Daian Aiziatov (guitar) and Sergey Vorontsov (drums). Their first S/T EP released on 12 March 2016 let understand the genius of their debut album Radiogaze digitally released June 2017, whose release in vynil iscoming soon via Switzerland-based label Elusive Sound. Pure shoegaze.


(Ishim) Noir for Rachel echoes emanates from the sources of the most evolved cold&dark wave that has characterized Russian underground scene for years. Their incisive guitars, the accelerated rhythm of the bass, the stubborn accompaniment of the drums provide the sense the iconoclastic tracks of the bands. Darkgaze is the word.


(Saint Petersburg) Paper Wounds is a quartet of melancholic melodies and electric sound rooted in the early shoegaze of the 80s. The guitars adopt a decisive protagonism, without drowning the harmonic structure of the ensemble. The voices circulate with great beauty, with fluidity, giving strength to each track.


(Samara) The band published the album ‘v chuzhoi strane’ (‘in a foreign country’)’ a few days before the end of 2017, being one of the highest quality and beautiful dreampop / shoegaze releases of the year. Track by track the album is relaxing, at the same time intense, and of extraordinary beauty. It reminds bands as the australian ‘Lowtide’. The vocal quality supposes an indispensable asset, a decisive accompaniment in the result of guitars that sail with a well defined and harmonious course. Highly recommended.


(Moscow) The band was born in late 2016. The music of Shimmerance is a beautiful contradiction, making possible the dreamgaze, allocating the rhythm and the cadence of the dreampop with the incisive noise of the distorted guitars of shoegaze. Brilliant.

Архитектурный Оркестр Благодетели (Architecture Vigilante Orchestra)

(Saint Petersburg) 








(Saint Petersburg) Experimental / Avant-punk


(Moscow) S3P draws absolutely captivating sound and vocal lines in his compositions, leaving fragments of a delicate shoegaze, without pretensions of protagonism, wrapped in an electronic, even psychedelic and totally timeless climate.


(Moscow)  (ex-PLASTICA) Guitars with deep textures, fed back in noisy effects, tightly distorted, creating and amazing sonoric landscape.


(Saint Petersburg)


(Nizhny Novgorod)






(Saint Petersburg)




(Khabarovsk and moscow)




(Saint Petersburg)






(Irkutsk, Siberia) Emo Indie


(Samara) Alternative





Nerpa – [Saint-Petersburg] formed in 2010         

Hot Zex – [Novosibirsk] formed in 1991

Polska Radio One – [Yekaterinburg] Disbanded in 2015. Psych&Shoegaze echoes.  New band шум. волн (‘noise. waves’)  

Galway -[Moscow] Dreamgaze. New Project  Alpina B   

Pheeree -[Rostov On Don] 2013. Yana Komeshko &, Vladimir Karpov current members of AEROFALL were involved in this project    

Glaswen – [Moscow] Hazy and experimental shoegaze. Electric and dark Vapor wave that glows in the russian shoegaze soundscape.  Glaswen is Misha & Dasha. Micheal had an accident in 2014 and the duo stopped   

Plastica – [Moscow] One of the 90´s russian shoegaze pioneers. Electric sound, distorted, compact, fluid and hypnotic  

Inverse – [Saint-Petersburg] “conceptual post-punk, dream-pop and post-hardcore-tinged music”

Was She A Vampire – [Moscow] Was She A vampire is one of the most talented bands of the last decade, with a sound that reminds the early ‘The Jesus and Mary Chain’ releases    

Maygley/MAYГLEY – [Saint-Petersburg]

Futbol – [Rostov-on-Don] 2001-2006 Russian Shoegaze cult band in the wave of 90´s Manchester sounds, ruling guitars and keyboards. Futbol released two compilations “jeronimo!” and “2003-2005”. Members of the band were Vladimir Karpov (Guitar) and  Valery Kalkutin (bass), currents members of Aerofall.


Playlist and comments by Anselmo Santos  /  Ansel Garcia

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2017, the year of plant cell

The Japanese band plant cell  (Tokyo) has released  in december 2017 ‘Cyan EP’, including new versions of ‘cyan’ and ‘marguerite’, songs from the album ‘Flowergaze? (rebuild)  and  tracks previosly posted on their fertile Soundcloud page.

The albums meet all the requirements of the Shoegaze more intense, pure, sensual, ethereal, natural, hallucinogenic, atmospheric, symphonic … . The guitars build, from a complex minimalism, concentric distorted circles around the voices of Erico and Masaki  discovering a landscape with new heights of sounds and reverbs.

Flowergaze? (rebuild) is already, in the short term of one year ,a ‘cult album’, but Cyan EP is even a more ellaborated work of plant cell,  one of the most prolific and highest quality bands of the shoegaze sphere. Faithful follower of the band I have rediscovered in ‘Cyan’ the maturity of one of the best outfit of musicians of the last decade.

Masaki Sato :0010849571_21 Vocal&Guitar
Eriko : Vocal&Guitar
Kiwako : Bass
Nao : Piccolo bass
Sino : Drums
Makiku : Guitar 

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