1. Tombstones In Their Eyes (L.A., CA) ‘Nothing Here’ from the album Nothing Here released 24 August 2018

2. Magic Shoppe  (Chicago, Il) ‘(un​)​Sound Mind’ taken from In Parallel released 31 august 2018 ©2018 Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz

3. The Holy Spirit of Nothing (Vienna, Austria) ‘Gone’ & ‘Walk You Home’ taken from Sermons released 12 august 2018

4. Ghost Dance Collective (Edinburgh, UK) ‘Desert Sands‘ single released 25 august 2018 taken from the album Ghost Dance Collective

5. Jim Younger’s Spirit  (Aix En Provence, France) ‘Death Of A Brother’ from No Human Tongue Can Tell released 17 august 2018

6. Sun Mahshene (Dublin, Ireland) ‘Tales of Fiction‘, released 28 July 2018,  first single taken from the album ‘Contradictions & Tales Of Fiction’.

7. Frankie Teardrop Dead (London, UK)   ‘The Cure‘ from the upcoming album “All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace” released in October 2018

8. Admiral Eschaton’s Splintered Ashram (UK) ‘Night Sweats, Shakes and Dry Heaves’, from Admiral Eschaton’s Splintered Ashram released 5 August 2018

9. The Orange Kyte (Vancouver, BC) ‘P​.​T​.​R.’ from The Orange Kyte Says Yes! released 16 march 2018 via Little Cloud Records

10. Ttotals (Nashville, TN) ‘The One’ from  Skyview Drive released 31 august 2018

11. Rob Clarke and The Wooltones (Liverpool, UK) ‘Two Lane Blacktop’ from Two Lane Blacktop Single released 10 September 2018

12. The Dunes (Adelaide, AU) ‘Making Friends With Codeine’ released 17 august 2018, from the upcoming album ‘Codeine’ (october 2018) on Off The Hip and Oak Island Records.

13. Dream Phases (L.A., CA) ‘Clear Skies’ from Clear Skies released 4 september 2018

14. The Myrrors (Tucson, Arizona) ‘The Blood That Runs the Border’  first single from  Borderlands  released 17 august 2018 on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records

15. Firefriend (São Paulo, Brazil) ‘Juxtaposed Parallax’ from Yellow Spider released 13 July 2018

16. Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe (Toronto / Berlin) ‘Please Never Die’ from the new self- titled album “tess parks & anton newcombe” out 12 October 2018 on A Recordings Ltd

17. The Goa Express (Manchester, UK)  ‘My Day Monday’ from Use Your Brain released 13 september 2018

18. The Spiral Electric (San Francisco, CA)  ‘No Bridge Left Unburned’ released 7 september 2018. First single off the upcoming double-LP

19. CRIMEN (Rome, Italy) ‘Six Weeks’ from Silent Animals released 29 June 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

20. The Pink Elephants (Ottawa, Ontario) ‘Pink Ocean’ from Interplanetary Reflections Ep Rreleased 27 august 2018

21. The Durty Wurks (Edinburgh, UK) ‘All I Want To Do’ from Ballads Of A Psychedelic Soul released 3 august 2018

22. The Solar Temple (Zürich, Switzerland) ‘Mind’s Garden’ from  Flowing Free / Mind’s Garden Single releases 19 november 2018 on Taxi Gauche Records

23. The Love Coffin (Copenhagen, DK) ‘Take Good Care Of Me’ from Cloudlands releases 28 september 2018 via Bad Afro Records

24. The Vera Violets (Tampa, Florida) ‘She’s So Epic’ (Remix by Jason Shaw) released 21 august 2018

25. Lindberg Hotel (Curitiba, Brazil) ‘Sound & Fury’ from Bedroom Tripping released 10 august 2018

26. Bhopal’s Flowers  (Montreal, QC) ‘M​.​I​.​5​.​D​.​N​.​7​.​I​.​G​.​3​.​H​.​T’ from Lovesongs & Psychedelic Tones released 6 September 2018

27. Zac White (Cardiff, UK)   ‘Spent On You’ from Perfect Body / Zac White Split EP by Bubblewrap Collective releases 23 november 2018

28. Venture Lift (New York) ‘No Cure For Loneliness’ (10 September 2018) from the new album ‘Arcadian Nights’ Venture Lift’s 5th album due in 2019 © Stanton C. Warren ASCAP

29. Mellow Lizard (Irákleio, Greece) ‘Feeling Low’ video released 21 jul. 2018

30. Messiahs from Outer Space (Costa Mesa, CA) ‘The Connection’ from Messiahs from Outerspace EP released 2 September 2018

31. The Laissez Fairs (Las Vegas, Nevada) ‘Lillie May’, single released 22 June 2018

32. DESERT SHIPS (London, UK)  ‘Hammerhead’ single released 14 september 2018

33. The Faux Derix (Indianapolis, Indiana) ‘Cellophane Dreams’ from Charlie Work released 21 may 2018

34. Spirit Award ( Seattle, WA) ‘Supreme Truth’ single released 7 august 2018, off the new record ‘Muted Crowd’ releases 19 October 2018 via Union Zero.

35. acid sweater (Sasha Shevchuk)– welcome to acid river (video released 2 July 2018)

36. Morningface & slipstream (Portland, Maine & Northampton, UK) ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ (august 2018) A collab between Kate Hummel & Mark Refoy

37. Oats (London, UK) ‘My Ristica’ from Candle Fingers released 8 august 2018

38. Alex Fermanis (Colorado) ‘Cordless Pulsating Nasal Wash’ from Land of the Midnight Sun released 19 July 2018

39. The Dead Shadows (Aberdeen, UK) Deathstare (2018)

40. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (Perth, AU) ‘Social Candy’ from Social Candy released 28 august 2018 via What Reality? Records

41. Sandy Blue (Copenhagen, DK)  ‘Stones Roll’ released 28 august 2018 from the forthcoming album ‘Off You Go’

42. Six By Seven (Nottingham, UK) ‘ENOUGH’ from S I N G L E released 14 september 2018

43. Guerra Despues De La Fiesta (G.D.D.L.F.) (Oviedo, Spain) ‘Bailes del Gulag’ from Bailes Del Gulag released 24 august 2018

44. Scenery  (Manchester, UK) Howlin’ from their debut E.P ‘Far Out’ (2016)




PSYCHGAZER ‘PSYCH’ 2018 August Playlist

1.- Magic Shoppe (Boston, MA). Tracks: ‘Mercury Addict’, ‘These Boots Are Made For Dying‘ & ‘Fuckstrated’ taken from the album In Parallel, releases 31 August 2018. © 2018 – Little Cloud RecordsCardinal Fuzz

2.- Los Acidos (Buenos Aires). Track: ‘Viajes’, taken from the S/T album  released 2016. Vinyl by Captain Beefart Records, 2018, and Cassette by Dynamo Tapes, 2018.

3.- The Myrrors (Tucson, Arizona). Track: ‘The Blood That Runs The Border’, taken from the album Borderlands, releases 17 august 2018 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records

4. Bee Appleseed & The Cosmic Family (LA, CA). Tracks: ‘This Must Be Life‘, taken from the album Backpacker Blues, released 20 July 2018; and ‘Another Time’

5.   Purple Heart Parade (Manchester, UK) Track: Mission Hills, taken from Lonestar EP,  releases 7 September 2018. through Club AC30

6. Electric Vertigo (Washington, D.C.) Track: ‘Cardboard King’ taken from the album Electric Vertigo, released 12 July 2018

7. Old Smile (New Jersey) Track ‘Falling Feeling’, taken from Falling Feeling EP, released 14 July 2018

8.  The TeleVibes  (Boston, MA) Track: ‘Head Down’ from the album: Major Drones, released 1 June 2018

9. Echo Courts (Greensboro, NC) Tracks: ‘I Don´t Mind’ and ‘Room With A View’ from the album Room With A View, released 13 July 2018 via Refresh Records

10. (Heraklion, Greece). Demo: Strangest Places released 05 July 2018 on Soundcloud

11.  Constant Smiles (Massachusetts)  Track: ‘Thoughts Of The Past Take 3′ taken from Lost, released 28 June 2018

12. Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin (San Diego, CA) Track: ‘Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin’ taken from the album: Cabin Fever, releases 14 August 2018.

13.  Les Big Byrd (Stockholm, Sweden) Single: A Little More NumbI Live In The Springtime released 29 June 2018 via PNKSLM Recordings. A Little More Numb [7″] is taken from the new album “Iran Iraq IKEA”, released 12 October 2018

14. Yesterday’s Muddled Goodbyes(London) Tracks: Keeping me keen & Will it be alright, released 14 July 2018 via Soundcloud.

15. Moon Daze (San Francisco, CA) Track: ‘Little Love’ from the album Moon Daze EP, released 28 June 2018

16. Casual Hex (Chicago, Il) Track: ‘I Want To Be Loved’ from the album Casual Hex, releases 11 August 2018 via Midwest Action

17. Black Sand  (Auckland, New Zealand) Track: ‘Feel My Love’ from the album Into Forever released 8 May 2018

18. Daydream Time Machine (California) Single: Nova released 15 June 2018 & Track: ‘Serotonin’ taken from the album Pursuit of Madness (2017)

19. (Seattle, WA) Track: Cyclosonic Sister taken from the album The Black Planes released 3 July 2018 vía Lucky Orange Records

20. The Left Outsides (London, UK) Track: ‘All That Remains’, taken from the album All That Remains released 21 may 2018

21. Tesla Death Ray (Zürich, Switzerland) Track: ‘Verveine Illusion’ taken from the album Verveine Illusion, released 14 July 2018 on Taxigauche Records

22. Sun Voyager (New York) Track: Stellar Wind taken from the album Seismic Vibes, released 20 april 2018

23. Rob Clarke and The Wooltones (Liverpool, UK) Track: ‘Comfort and Nature’ taken from the album Big Night Out Album released 30 april 2018

24.   (Oslo, Norway) Track: ‘Vivid You’ taken from the album Soft Years (2017) released 2018 via Eget Selskap

25. Clever Girls (Burlington, Vermont) Track: ‘Heavy’ taken from the album Luck released 4 april 2018

26. Mickle Muckle(Caen, France) Track: ‘Dead Man’ taken from the album ‘Rink’ released 30 June 2018


27. The Vapour Trails (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK) Tracks: ‘See You In The Next World’ & ‘You, With Love’ (2018)

28. Man & Machine (Airdrie, UK) Tracks:  Earthman and Earthman (Lost In Space) taken from the single/EP Earthman, released 19 July 2018

29. Dorothy Vallens (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK) Track: ‘Blue Thursday’, taken from We Said Yes (A Retrospective) 2014 – 2017 released 17 January 2018

30. High Sunn (San Francisco, CA) Track: ‘I Thought You Were There’ taken from the album Missed Connections  released 4 may 2018


From ‘Satan Is a Farmer’ to ‘True Love Will Find You in the End’ / Duncan McKnight

In february  2018 Santa Rosa Records, based in San Marcos, Texas, has re-released “Satan is a Farmer”, by The Flaming Banshees (that is to say Duncan McKnight & Iain Ross), a fantasticly unorthodox and experimental psych album originally published in 2008 via False Apostle Records when the duo were living in Berlin. In the album is noticed inmediatly the genius -through different layers of sound- superimposing new wave details and neo psychedelic glows in ‘1000 days of sleep’, a intense track where the cadence, the rhythm and the voice of Duncan McKnight remember the feeling of bands like ‘Echo and the Bunnymen’. The album -with a great deal of originality- goes through the puriest psych-folk sound in ‘If You Love Somebody’ with strokes that caress reminiscences of bands in the style of The Zombies, going up to get the most disturbing sound of ‘The Stooges’ in ‘Skeleton Cabaret’, till reach the sensitivity of ‘The Velvet Underground’ that appears in “Train Back Home” and “Rick Was Right”, the final track of the EP.

Duncan McKnight is as well the leader of The Virgin Tongues, creators of inspirational post-punk and neo-psych daydreams as ‘Six Feet Underground’, ‘The Light’ and ‘Fugitive’.

Duncan Mcknight, based in Yucca Valley, CA, formed a new project with Brandon Williams and Shaun Tidwell called Dante Esperanza. The band released  in 2017 the album-cassette ‘Highway Diamond’ via  Spiderchild Records

At the same time and nowdays he carries out a solo project inmersed in a personal and modern concept of psych-folk sounds.

Duncan McKnight released Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love Will Find You in the End’ on Santa Rosa Records May 13th, 2018. New EP will be out this summer.


New single from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s forthcoming two albums to be released this year via A Recordings Ltd: “Hold That Thought” which comes from the album “Something Else” (released 25 may 2018) and “Drained” which will come from the self titled album that will be released in September of 2018.

BJM 2018 tour: MAY (Canada & USA) JUNE (Australia) AUGUST- SEPT.-OCTOBER (Europe)

More Info

A Lysergic Trip with ‘Amesbury Banks’

Amesbury Banks is one of two Iron Age encampments deep in Epping Forest, between London and rural Essex (UK). But Amesbury Banks is as well a ‘spacerock’ quartet based in London (UK), creators of a quality instrumental and lysergic music that takes you to an hallucinogic and symphonic trip through out a spacey atmosphere. Future Cospses is a extrasensory psych experience. Listen more on Soundcloud and  Bandcamp.

Matthew J Tow (Drop City, Coloursound, The Lovetones, BJM …)

Drop City (Sydney), the Matthew J. Tow’s  band (also ‘Colorsound’ and our favourites ‘The Lovetones’) released on December 22, 2017 the album ‘Drop City – Dream Sequence (B-Sides and Rarities)’, a compilation album of b-sides and rarities recorded between 1994 and 2000. Exclusively on Bandcamp.

The prolific musical creativity of Matthew J. Tow, adds the important collaborations made. In 2003 Matthew joined The Brian Jonestown Massacre as a touring rhythm guitarist and collaborated with Anton Newcombe, writing 2 songs for the ‘And This Is Our Music ’ album (Starcleaner’ & ‘A New Low Is Getting High‘)

In 2013 Matthew, staying true to his personal style of elegant psychedelia, released his first solo album ‘The Way Of Things’ (Xemu Records) produced by Collin Hegna (Federale, BJM) and Ryan Carlson van Kriedt (The Asteroid No 4, Dead Skeletons); in August  2016 released ‘Shadows’ Reign’. Soundcloud

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