Shoegaze / Fuzz / Noise

Band:  Film School (LA, CA) Album: Bright To Death (released 14 September 2018)

Band: Sona (Lawrence, Kansas) Album: EP 2 (released 14 September 2018)

Band: Slow Glows (Cincinnati, OH) Album: 79 Moons EP (released 07 September 2018)

Band: EndlessWhite (Xi’an,China) Album:Flow West to You (released 07 September 2018)

Band: etti/etta (Italy) Album: Old Friends  (released 17 August 2018)

Band: Holy Forrest (Sydney) Single: Whirl / Cumulo  (released 10 August 2018) via Library Group Records

Band: Burning House  (Southampton, UK) Album: Peach  (released 8 August 2018) & Album: Tracer (released 10 February 2018)

Band: Seasurfer (Hamburg, Germany) Album: Vampires EP (released 4 August 2018) vía Saint Marie Records 

Band: Jemez (Brooklyn, New York) Single: Port | Edna (released 3 August 2018)

Band: The Suncharms (Shefield, UK) Single: Red Dust – Film Soundtrack released 2 August 2018 via SLR30 Singles Series

Band: Citrus Clouds (Phoenix, Arizona) Single: Golden Sun released 30 July 2018

Band: The Beremy Jets (Malmö, Sweden) Album: Careless released 27 July 2018 through  Somewherecold Records) The Beremy Jets is Paul Saarnak from LKWRM and Slowmotion Club

Band: Velveteen Riot (Glasgow, UK) EP:  She Rains Over Me EP released 20 July 2018

Band: Glass Horses (London, UK) Single: Satellites released 16 July 2018

Band: Firefriend (São Paulo, Brazil) Album:  Yellow Spider released 13 July 2018. Firefriend‘s album Sulfur released 6 april 2018

Band: Southwest Hotel (Tiverton, England, UK) Singles: Lightning Boy released 13 July 2018, and Bad Routines released 15 may 2018

Band: Fir Cone Children (Berlin) Album: The Straight & The Curly released 13 July 2018 via Blackjack Illuminist Records

Band: Soot Sprite (Exeter, UK) Album: Comfort In Concrete  releases 12 July 2018

Band: Lost Echoes  (Portland, Oregon) Album: The Things We Said EP releases 11 July 2018 No Tomorrow EP released 5 march 2018

Band: Tender Age  (Portland, OR) Album: Becoming Real Forever  released 09 July 2018 via SINIS recordings

Band: Venusians (Buenos Aires, ARG) Album: Mutante EP released 07 July 2018 via Lory Pucsin Records

Band: Flower Box (Jacksonville, Florida) Album: FLOWER BOX EP released 07 July 2018

Band: Frankie Teardrop Dead  (London, UK) Single: The Cure released 06 July 2018. Taken from the upcoming album “All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace” released in October 2018

Band: A Shoreline Dream (Denver, CO) Album: waitout EP released 6 July 2018 via  Latenight Weeknight Records. The Ep includes two brand new songs alongside new re-masters of three of their favorite tracks from the past .

Band: The Surrounded (Sacramento, CA) Single: Reset released 29 June 2018

Band: Echolust (LA, CA) Album: Loomer released 29 June 2018

Band: Sustains (Moorpark, CA) Album: Throw Away The Rest released 27 June 2018

Band: Timelost  (Philadelphia, PA) Album: 2018 Demo EP, released 26 June 2018 

Band: Kimono Lights (San Pancrazio, Italy) Single: Hollywood Gazereleased 26 June 2018 

Band: SWEAM (Oslo, NO) Single: Drift Aside // Point of Reference released 26 June 2018

Band: Outside Air  (Lansing, Michigan) Single: proper released 25 June 2018

Band: browned butter (Kyoto, Japan) Album: Fall EP released 24 June 2018 through Ano(t)raks. Browned Butter on twitter

Band: Pure Ghost (Greenville, South Carolina) Album: There Is No Heaven Left In Me released 23 June 2018

Band: Floating Room (Portland, OR) Album: False Baptism released 22 June 2018 via Good Cheer Records. Floating Room are Maya Stoner (Sabonis), Kyle Bates (Drowse) Alec van Staveren  & Sonia Weber (Alien Boy)

Band: bad friend (Wellington, New Zealand) Album: best of  debut EP released 21 June 2018

Band: La Naissance (Rome, Italy) Album: La Naissance released 20 June 2018

Band: It’s Sunday (Paris, France / L.A.) Single: Projection On A Sheet  released 18 June 2018  via Slimer Records.  New album out on Howlin’ Banana in early 2019. It’s Sunday are  Lucas Lecacheur (Bad Pelicans / Lemon Swell) & Dawnie Perry.

Band: Movie Brain (Bristol, TN) Album: fernweh, released 18 June 2018

Band: Orange Crate Art (Malmö, Sweden) Album: Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion , released 17 June 2018

Band: Xeresa (Brighton, UK) Album: II released 16 June 2018 via Shore Dive Records

Band: Murmure (Montreal, QC) Album: Nos idées fantômes, released 15 June 2018

Band: Lazyeyes (Brooklyn, New York) Album: Echoes, released 15 June 2018 through Egghunt Records  (and in Japan 2670records)

Band: SWOON (Oakland, CA) Album: Swoon, released 12 June 2018

Band: Linda Guilala (Vigo, Spain) Singles:  Mucho Mejor released 12 June 2018  Primavera Negra (released 26 January 2018) via elefant records

Band: The Voices (Wales, UK) Song: SWOON, 9 June 2018 on Soundcloud. Unreleased track from The Voices. Available in August 2018 as part of live album with three bonus studio tracks

Band: Sound and Fury (Chengdu, China) Single: Coming Down​/​Heaven Song released 9 June 2018 via BoringProductions

Band: Echo Ladies (Malmö, Sweden) Album: Pink Noise  releases 8 June 2018 via Sonic Cathedral / Album:  Echo Ladies released 23 March 2018

Band: Angel Aura (Houston,TX) Album: Sensum – EP releases 7 June 2018

Band: Oxy (Brasilia, Brazil) Album:  FITA releases 6 June 2018 via Quadrado Magico

Band: Tape Waves (Charleston, SC) Album:  Distant Light releases 6 June 2018

Band: Undone (Skopje, Macedonia) Album: Everything Is New Under The Sun released 2 June 2018 via Meeting Tent Records

Band: 17歳とベルリンの壁 /  (Tokyo,Japan) Track: 展望 /Outlook released 2 June 2018. New album coming soon

Band: Forever Fatale (London, UK) Album: 0Rh- (released 2 june 2018)

Band: In Her Eye (Milan / Milano, Italy) Album: Change released 1 June 2018

Band: The Emerald Down  (UK & Bremen, Germany) Single: Rule of 3rds released 1 June 2018. The Emerald Down is Nick Noble (93MillionMilesFromTheSun ), Tobias Bernsand (Orange Crate Art), David Fitzgerald (Junkyard Liberty / The Telescopes ) and the band’s founder Rebecca Basye (The Emerald Down / Mukilteo Fairies).

Band:  Soft Science (Sacramento, CA) Album: Maps, released 1 June 2018 via Test Pattern Records Singles: Sooner / Paris, released 4 may 2018 & Undone / I Don’t Know Why I Love You released 6 april 2018

Band: Mute Swan (Tucson, Arizona) Single: Enough Fun released 31 May 2018

Band: Echo Tail (Cambridge, UK) Album: Beauty in Denial released 30 May 2018

Band: Nuit-ニュイ (Tokyo, Japan) Demo: Insomnia released 29 May 2018

Band:  Nosotros, La Miseria (Valparaiso, Chile) Album: Cárdeno, released 26 May 2018

Band: Stella Diana (Naples, Napoli, Italy) Album:  57 released 25 May 2018 

Band: Swirlpool (Regensburg, Germany) Album: Camomile (EP), released 25 may 2018. Single ‘Camomile’ released 05 january 2018

Band: Routine Death (Austin, TX) Album: Parallel Universes, released 25 may 2018

Band: Heathers (Montreal) Album: Midnight Is A Place, released 25 may 2018






























Band: Thud (Hong Kong) Single: ADO, released 25 may 2018

Band: Creature in the Spiral (Laredo, TX) Album: nine, EP released 20 may 2018.

Band: centre (LA, CA) Track: Eyes Glaze Over, released 19 may 2018 on Soundcloud

Band: Neonic Sundrive (Moscow, Russia) Single: I Can’t See Your Eyes , released 18 may 2018, taken from the debut album “Lie Paradise” that will be released soon 

Band: 12 Decembers  (Santa Cruz, CA) Album: 12 Decembers // Generation Hopeless,  a split EP with Generation Hopeless band. released 18 may 2018

Band: An Ocean Of Embers  (Nantes / Lyon. France) Singles: Flashes Of Your First Kiss, released 18 may 2018 & An Ocean Of Embers, released 2 march 2018 via Ovvk Recordings. AOOE is Jimmy Arfosea and singer Elsa Muller

Band: Imperfect Tree (Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico) Album: Keepsake Of Opalescent Days  released 17 may 2018 via Grotisque Records. Listen below the album Paint A Forest released 5 january 2018. Imperfect Tree is Dante R.G.

Band: Soma For Savages (Lawrence, KS) Album: Vex released 17 may 2018

Band: The Us (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) Album: The sky was open EP, released 17 may 2018 via The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records

Band: Magic Wands (LA, CA) Album: Abrakadabra, released 15 may 2018

Band: The Smilies (Oakland, CA) Album: How Soon is Love?, released 15 may 2018

Band: angel falls (Saint Paul, MN) Single: clouds released 15 may 2018. Angel Falls is  Dan Ballek, (ex-Mr K’s Dream) and Paul Lopez (The Shoegaze Collective, Sana Obruent and Spell 336).

Band: DAZE (Houston, TX) Album:  Ritual released 14 May 2018

Band: Plow (Baltimore, MD) Album: Ocean Days released 14 May 2018 

Band: Relay Tapes (Brisbane, AU) Single: Lucky You, released 12 may 2018.  Album: Semblance (released 27 january 2018) and Single: By Now (released 7 January 2018)

Band: Shun (Münster, Germany) Album: Nothing Quite As Heavy, releases 11 May 2018

Band: Hyperdream (Mexico) Single: Someone like you, released 11 May 2018 (on bandcamp) Hyperdream is Jesús Sandoval

Band: Silver Dapple (Montréal, Québec) Album: Moody Boots, released 11 May 2018

Band: Terra Pines (Brisbane, AUS) Album: Terra Pines, released 11 May 2018

Band: Electric Floor (Cosenza, Italy) Single: I Made It Up, released 11 May 2018. included in Chiaroscuro – Italogaze 2018 an italogaze compilation by Seashell Records & Vipchoyo Sound Factory, with Shoegazin’ Your Waves & Shoegaze Blog. Video carried out by Emanuele Chiarelli

Band: dirishu6 (Dijon, France) Album:  draft, released 10 May 2018

Band: The blue herons (Lucerne/Luzern, Switzerland) Single: All I Keep Inside, releases 10 May 2018. Lyrics and vocals: Thierry Haliniak (My Raining Stars)
Additional voice: Krissy Vanderwoude (Whimsical). the blue herons is second project of Andy Jossi (The churchhill garden)

Band: Sonic Apparitions (L.A., CA) Album: Sonic Apparitions , released 10 May 2018

Band: NO SWOON (Brooklyn/New York) Single: Still, released 8 May 2018

Band: 緩緩 Huan Huan (Taipei) Demo:  ‘Charlie’ released 3 May 2018

BandJust Mustard (Dundalk, Ireland) Album: Wednesday  released 2 May 2018

Band: All Sparks Burn Out (Sydney, AUS) Single: Trip Over Traps released 28 April 2018; Third single from upcoming debut album ‘Shapes in the Shadows’ . Second single ‘Seconds Like Days‘, released 3 march 2018

Band: COLLAPSE (Tokyo, Japan). Demo: Birthlight released 28 april 2018 via Soundcloud. Listen and Watch below the album Delirium Poetry, released 31 january 2018

Band:  Vet Trip (Austin, TX) Album: Pop Girls EP released 28 April 2018 

Band: Tennis System (LA, CA) Album: P A I N released 27 April 2018 

Band: DOSE (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Single: Furniture released 27 April 2018 via german independent record label A Turntable Friend Records

Band: The City Gates (Montréal, Québec) Album:  Forever Orbiter released 27 April 2018 

Band: Nanaki (Isle of Man) Album: Decline & Dislocation released 26 April 2018. Instrumental shoegaze / post-rock /Alt-rock

Band: Salvia Close  (Leeds, UK) Album: ‘Music Technology Project / Recording/Production Project’  released 26 April 2018.

Band:  Акульи Слёзы (“Shark Tears“) (Ufa, Russia) Album: в музее моей памяти (“in the museum of my memory”) released 26 April 2018.

Band: LOOM  (Dallas, Tx) Album: Some Time  released 25 April 2018

Band:  Mainlight (Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine) Single: Sandy Cloud (released 24 april 2018) & Mirrors (released 31 march 2018)

Band: Centrefold (St. John’s, NL, Canada) Album: Centrefold released 21 April 2018

Band:  Lazy Legs (Portland, OR) Album: Tremor EP (released 21 April 2018), Lazy Leg’s third EP

Band: It’s Sunday (Paris, FR / LA, CA) Single: Projection on a sheet (released 20 April 2018). New album out on Howlin Banana Records in early 2019

Band: Almagrey (Bristol, UK) Album: Almagrey EP released 20 april 2018

Band: Mint Julep (Boston, MA) Track: ‘Connectivity‘ unreleased Mint Julep track posted on Soundcloud 16 april 2018. Mint Julep are Keith Kenniff (aka. Helios, Mint Julep & Goldmund) and Hollie Kenniff

Band: Say Sue Me (Busan, South Korea) Album: Where We Were Together released 16 april 2018 via damnably

Band: Reveries (Walla Walla, WA) Album: Reveries released 14 april 2018

Band: Night Flowers (London, UK) Album: Wild Notion released 13 april 2018 via Dirty Bingo Records

Band: Winter (L.A., CA) Album: Ethereality released 6 april 2018 via Dirty Bingo Records

Band:  Modern Time Machines (Los Angeles, CA) Album: MTM released 6 april 2018 

Band: Martes Niebla (Seville / Sevilla, Spain) Album: Martes Niebla released 4 april 2018 

Band: Blush Response (Adelaide, AUS) Album: Hearts Grow Dull released 4 April 2018, featuring Brodie Brümmer (Flyying Colours, guitar) and Emily Retsas (bass)

Band: Angel Aura (Houston, TX) Single: Crystal Inn, released 4 April 2018

Band: Threading  (Michigan) Single: Fever released 3 April 2018

Band: Maff (Santiago, Chile) Album: Melañiña (released 2 april 2018).




























































Band: Superdrone (Southampton, UK) Album: TWO (released 31 march 2018).

Band: 93MillionMilesFromTheSun (Doncaster, UK) Album: New Fuzz EP (released 30 march 2018)

Band: Guest Directors  (Seattle, WA) Album: Captured in the Light (EP)  (released 30 march 2018)

Band:  Drop Like Stars (Monterrey, CA) Single: The Last (released 28 march 2018). Single: Mark V (released 22 march 2018) and Single: Shimmer and Fade (released 8 march 2018). Singles from upcoming ep.

Band:  CASTLEBEAT (New York) Album: VHS (released 28 March 2018).





















Band:  Sleep Still (L.A., CA) Single: Headrush (released 23 March 2018).

Band:  bed. (Portland, OR) Single: Replay (released 23 March 2018).

Band:  Wylderness (Cardiff / London, UK) Debut S/T album Wylderness (album) released 23 March 2018 on Succulent Recordings

Band:  Spirits of Leo (New York)  album: Equinoxreleased 23 March 2018 

Band: Catch The Breeze  (Copenhagen, DK) Album: Glow (released 16 March 2018 via  Kundalini records) ‘Fields of Sunrise’, released 17 february 2018 is  the second single from the debut-album. First single Paper Lanterns

Band: The Yellow Traffic Light (Torino/Turin, Italy) Album: Worlds Within Walls (released 16 March 2018 via WWNBB collective

Band: Car Crash Sisters  (Aguas Calientes, MX) Album: Sundance Sea (released 16 March 2018 via Blackjack Illuminist) The album, initially released in November 2017 (digital), is now edited and distributed on CD and Cassette by the German label

Band:  AIR FORMATION (Crawley, Sussex, UK) Album: Near Miss (released 09 March 2018 via

Band: fiancé (Newark, DE) Album: Feverdream EP released 09 March 2018

Band: KLASS II (Göteborg, SWE) Album: KLASS II (released 09 March 2018) via Luxury Records

Band: Launder (L.A., CA) Album: Pink Cloud (released 09 March 2018) Launder is  John Cudlip. Featuring: Guitar – Zachary Cole Smith (DIIV) / Vocals – Soko

Band:  drowse (Portland, OR) Album: Cold Air (released 9 March 2018)

Band: Topographies (San Francisco, CA) Album: topographies (released 8 March 2018). Topographies is Gray Tolhurst (Coo Coo Birds), Jeremie Ruest (Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip), and Lauren Grubb (To The Wedding)

Band: Victim Kit (Seoul, Korea) Album: fall a little further down (released 8 March 2018)

Band:  Soft Wounds (Toronto, Ontario) Album: The Last EP (released 7 March 2018)

Band: DIVENERE (Rome, Italy) Album: Forever  (released 5 March 2018)

Band: Fun With Ether (San Benito, TX) Album: Strange, But Sweet – EP (released 3 March 2018)

Band:  Candace -Formerly Is/Is (Portland, OR) Album: New Ruins (released 2 March 2018)

Band: Fawns of Love (Bakersfield, CA) Single: Zine Days (released 2 March 2018)

Band: Heaven (New York) Album: All Love Is Blue LP  (released 2 March 2018)

Band: Wild Meadows (Melbourne, AUS) Album: Wild Meadows (released 2 March 2018)

Band: Since Always (Houston, TX) Single: We Still Know How To Dream (released 1 March 2018)

Band: The churchhill garden  (Lucerne/Luzern, Switzerland) Single: heartbeat (released 1 March 2018), feat. Krissy Vanderwoude (Whimsical)

Band: See The Eye  (Tangerang, Indonesia) Album: EP (released 28 February 2018)

Band: Hold / Transfer (Boston, MA) Album: Warning Labels (released 26 February 2018)

Band: Battery Point (Chula Vista, CA) Album: A Memory For Today (released 25 february 2018)

Band: Cosmic Child (Singapore) Album: Blue (released 24 February 2018)

Band: Sunny Day Encore (Moose Jaw, SK, Canada) Album: Rememberable (released 24 February 2018)

Band: The Dead Mantra (Le Mans, France) Album: Saudade Forever , second and last album of The Dead Mantra released 24 February 2018 via Cranes Records

Band:  Tape Deck Mountain (Nashville, TN) Album: Echo Chamber Blues (released 23 February 2018)

Band: Our Girl (Brighton, UK) Single: Our Girl  (released 23 February 2018). Debut album ‘Stranger Today’ released August 17th 2018.

Band: MINT FIELD (Tijuana, Mexico) Album: Pasar de las Luces, released 23 February 2018 via Innovative Leisure

Band: Rei Clone (Denton, TX) Album: Honeypop (Single Demo Version) (released 20 February 2018)

Band: An Ocean Of Embers (Nantes / Lyon. France) Album: An Ocean Of Embers  (released 17 February 2018 via Ovvk Recordings)

Band: Dead Heart Bloom (New York) Single: Lost In A Dream (released 16 February 2018)

Band:  Lowtide (Melbourne) Album: Southern Mind (released 16 February 2018 via Rice Is Nice Record & Opposite Number Records)

Band: DEAFLOVERS (Angers, France) Album: Death Club (released 16 February 2018)

Band: Daydream Cathedral (L.A., CA) Album: Every Drop a Different Color (released 16 February 2018)

Band: RIDE (Oxford, UK) Album: Tomorrow’s Shore (released 16 February 2018)

Band: Japan Suicide (Terni, Italy) Album: Santa Sangrereleased 15 February 2018 via Unknown Pleasures Records .  

Band: Great Black Night (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Single: Let’s Get Foundreleased 14 February 2018.  First Single from upcoming Great Black Night release summer 2018.

Band: Seventeen years (Kansas City, MO) Album: Blueberry (released 13 February 2018 via Spirit Goth Records)

Band: Panophonic (Philadelphia, PA) Album: endlessly (released 13 February 2018)

Band: Gliss (Berlin, D) ‘My Lie’, advanced single from the 6th album “Strange Heaven (released 9 February 2018)

Band: Céus de Abril ( Parauapebas-PA, Brazil). Single O Amargo É O Fim (released 7 February 2018 via The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records)

Band:  Pia Fraus (Tallinn, Estonia) Album: Mountain Trip EP (released 4 February 2018)

Band: Pale Beach (Nagoya, Japan) Single: Whisper Sandy Beach (released 3 February 2018)

Band:  Talking Violet (Windsor, Ontario) Album: Round Dreams (released 2 February 2018)

Band:  Creams (Leipzig, Germany) Album: Olympia II (released 2 February 2018)

Band: Nurse (Kyoto, Japan) Album: Apartment (released 1 February 2018)

Band: COLLAPSE (Japan) Album: Delirium Poetry (released 31 january 2018)

Band: Tapeworms (Lille, France) Album: Everything Will Be Fine (released 28 january 2018)

Band: Daysee (Chicago, Il) Album: Airbag (released 27 january 2018)

Band: Creature in the Spiral (Laredo TX, Il) Single: the color orange (released 1 January 2018) y moose (released 27 january 2018)

Band: Blushing (Austin, Tx) Album: Weak (released 26 January 2018)

Band: Bellavista (San Francisco, CA) Single: Feline / Nocturnal (released 26 January 2018). Bellavista is  guitarist Rex John Shelverton (Portraits of Past, the Audience, Vue and Tamaryn),  Bassist Jeremy Bringetto (Portrait of Past, the Audiencia, Vue)  and Drummer Cary LaScala (Vue)

Band: All About Rockets (Sacramento, CA) Album: End (released 25 January 2018)


Band:  Nebula Glow (Paris, France) Demo:  Nothing But A Shadow (released 25 January 2018) Listen loudly and with headphones. This demo leaves us with the intrigue. We wait for new recordings that highlights the quality of this band.

Band:  UNIFORMS (Jaen, Spain) Album: EQUALS (released 25 January 2018)

Band:  Echodrone (San Francisco, CA) Album: Past, Preset and Future (released 23 January 2018)

Band: Dreamswell (Philadelphia, PA) Album: Act 2 (EP) (released 24 January 2018)

Band: blackflower  (Newcastle, UK) Single: Stereocan (released 20 January 2018)

Band: Blacanova   (Seville, Spain) Album: La Cabeza (released 19 January 2018)

Band: Nuit-ニュイ  (Tokyo, Jp) Album: Nuit (released 17 January 2018)

Band: Fyrrh (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Album: Limp Wristed (released 16 January 2018)

Band: Killing Surfers (Maceió, AL, Brazil) Album:  Nothing Is Heading (released 15 January 2018)

Band:  Crystal Canyon (Portland, Maine) Album: Crystal Canyon (released 14 January 2018)

Band:  The Prids (Portland, Oregon) Album: Do I Look Like I’m In Love? (released 12 January 2018)

Band: JAGUWAR (Dresden, Germany) Album: Ringthing (released 12 January 2018)

Band: DIRTY SIDEWALKS (Seattle, WA) Album: Bring Down The House Lights (released 12 January 2018)

Band: Expelled From Space (Lublin, Poland) Single: Growing Feathers (released 11 January 2018)

Band: SWEAM (Oslo, Norway) Single: Gilbert // Neighbourhood (released 10 January 2018)

Band: Plant Cell (Tokyo) Album: Cyan EP (released 7 January 2018)

Band: (New York, NY) Single: Tokyo (released 5 January 2018)

Band: Shoe Shine Six (Yekaterinburg, Russia) Album: Sunday EP (released 5 January 2018)

Band: Beach Bully (New Brunswick, NJ) Album: Beach Bully EP (released 04 january 2018)

Band: Knifeplay (Philadelphia, PA) Single: With u (released 02 january 2018)

Band: Waving Blue (Italy) Album: So Dull (released 1 January 2018)

Band: The Voices (Wales, UK) Album: Dark waters (released 31 december 2017)

Band: Soda Lilies (Austin, Tx) Album: Sleep Reel (released 18 december 2017)

Band: Spirettes  (Colorado Springs) Album: Spirettes EP (released 09 december 2017)

Band: The Autumn Sighs (Germany) Album: Green (released 09 december 2017)

Band: Away Forward (Toronto) Album: Away Forward (released december 2017)

Band: MOLLY (Innsbruck, Austria) Album: Glimpse EP (released 1 december 2017)

Band: Loveblind (Fort Worth, Tx) Track: Sleeping Visions (released 24 november 2017)


Band: AEROFALL (Rostov_on_Don, Russia) Album: FORMS (released Released 15 November 2017 by Hands and Moment, Japan)

Band: Brief Candles (Milwaukee, WI) Album: Retrater (released 23 october 2017)

Band: Citrus Clouds (Phoenix, AZ) Album: Ultra Sound (released 22 september 2017)


Band: Ceremony (Fredericksburg, Virginia) Album: BEAT DARKNESS (released 15 september 2017)



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