1. The Underground Youth (Berlin) ‘Fill The Void’ taken from Fill The Void single, released 7 september 2018 via Fuzz Club Records

2. Velveteen Riot (Glasgow, UK) ‘Quietest Day’ from She Rains Over Me  released 20 July 2018

3. The Beremy Jets  (Malmö, Sweden) ‘Proud​-​button’ from the album Careless released 27 July 2018

4. Nothing  (Philadelphia, PA)  ‘Blue Line Baby’ from Dance On The Blacktop released 24 august 2018 via Relapse Records

5. In Her Eye (Milano, Italy) ‘Change’ from Change released 1 June 2014

6. Holy Forrest (Sydney) Single ‘Whirl’ from Whirl / Cumulo released 15 september 2018 via

7. ALIEN BOY (Portland, Oregon) ‘Somewhere Without Me’ from Sleeping Lessons released 31 august 2018 via tiny engines

8. True Primitives (Portland, OR) ‘Real Love’ and ‘Up In The Sky’ taken from the album Revolutions released 24 august 2018

9. Firefriend  (São Paulo, Brazil) ‘Yellow Spider’ from Yellow Spider released 13 July 2018

10. Glass Horses  (London, UK) Single Satellites released 18 July 2018

11. Palm Haze  (Vancouver, BC) Single Drop In released 7 september 2018

12. Burning House  (Southampton, UK) Single Peach released 8 august 2018

13. Single Lash  (Austin, TX) ‘Frozen Honey’ from the album Providence releases 26 october 2018 via Holodeck Records

14. Jemez  (Brooklyn, New York) ‘Port’ from single Port | Edna released 3 august 2018

15. Heaters  (Grand Rapids, Michigan) ‘Venus’ from yje upcoming album Suspended Youth releases 2 november 2018 via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records

16. Film School  (LA, CA) Crushin’ from Bright To Death released 14 september 2018

17. Gold Muse  (Boston, MA) ‘Sterling’ from single Flower / Sterling released 20 july 2018 and ‘Centerfold’ from Blue / Centerfold single released 7 september 2018

18. Did You Die  (Victoria, BC) ‘Til The Morning Light’ from upcoming ROYAL UNICORN releases 16 october 2018

19. Slow Glows (Cincinnati, Ohio) ‘Fortune Teller’ from 79 Moons EP released 7 september 2018

20. It Looks Sad. (Charlotte, NC) ‘Drool’ from Sky Lake releases 2 november 2018 via Tiny Engines

21. Trench (Syracuse, New York) ‘Carbon Dust’ second single off Ritual Love , debut album released 21 September 2018

22. Pastel Dream (Davis, CA) ‘Silence’ from Too Much Too Fast released 5 July 2018

23. Ovlov  (Newtown, Connecticut)  ‘Baby Alligator’ from TRU released 20 July 2018

24. Tonemirror  (Toronto, Ontario) ‘October’ from You’re Getting Colder released 6 July 2018

25. Sona (Lawrence, Kansas) ‘Waiting’ from EP 2 released 14 september 2018

26. Echo Ladies   (Malmö, Sweden)  ‘Apart’ from Pink Noise released 8 June 2018

27. Citrus Clouds  (Phoenix, Arizona) ‘Nothing Familiar’ from Golden Sun released 30 July 2018

28. EndlessWhite  (Xi’an,China) ‘告白的歌 Song to Crush’  and ‘A Lost Dog Story 元宝’ taken from Flow West to You released 4 september 2018

29. Seasurfer (Hamburg, Germany) ‘Into Dust’ taken from Vampires released 4 august 2018 via Saint Marie Records

30. Echolust (LA, CA) ‘Sabi Said’ from Loomer released 29 June 2018

31. Paloma Track ‘UwU’ Soundcloud September 2018

32. flirting.  (London, UK) ‘Peppermint’ from This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me releases 5 october 2018

33. The Daysleepers (Buffalo, NY) ‘Foreverpeople’ taken from the album Creation released 7 september 2018

34. Soft Kill (Portland, OR) ‘Swaddle’ & ‘Trying Not To Die’, taken from Savior released 11 may 2018 on Profound Lore Records

35. Slow Crush (Belgium) ‘Aurora’ from Aurora releases 28 september 2018 on Holy Roar Records

36. Lo Peninsula (Imphal, MN, India) ‘Another Divine Joke’ from AKA Lo Peninsula released 18 August 2018

37. Xeresa (Brighton, UK) ‘The Good Life (Ft Tom Lugo)’ from II released 16 June 2018 via Shore Dive Records

38. Shalloboi (Chicago Il) ‘made of sand’ from black moon released 18 may 2018

39. the spirit of the beehive. (Philadelphia, PA) ‘mantra is repeated’ from Hypnic Jerks released 14 September 2018 through tiny engines

40. The Microdance (Hackney, UK) ‘Get Darker’ from Our Love Noire releases 12 october 2018

41. Novacoma (Leeds, UK) ‘Paint A Smile’ from 2 Libras released 8 september 2018

42. plant cell (Tokyo, Japan) ‘Pinot Noir’, track included in the Japan Shoegaze Compilation ‘Total Feedback 2018’ releases 10 october 2018 via Only Feedback Records

43. ··········dotstokyo  (Tokyo, Japan)  いくつかの夜、いくつかのさよなら (Some nights, some goodbye), track included in the Japan Shoegaze Compilation ‘Total Feedback 2018’ releases 10 october 2018 via Only Feedback Records

44. Your Gaze  (Nashville, Tennessee) ‘Expression’ from Noisedive released 25 July 2018

45. etti/etta (Calabria, IT/Toronto, ON) ‘Baked Again’ from Old Friends released 17 august 2018

46. The churchhill garden (Lucerne, Switzerland) ‘bittersweet’ (feat. krissy vanderwoude) released 31 august 2018

47. The Fallen Sky  (London, UK) October (demo)

48. inVerse (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) ‘Salt’ from Salt / Story single, released 10 september 2018

49. La Gran Tortuga (Jujuy, Argentina) ‘Las Energías’ from VELOCIDAD EP released 3 June 2018

50. Perfect Body (Cardiff , UK) ‘Fields’ from Perfect Body / Zac White Split EP releases 23 November  2018 by  Bubblewrap Collective

51. Pree Tone (Kiev, Ukraine) ‘Token’ from Kiddy released 19 august 2018

52. Flower Vision (London, UK) ‘Imploded’ from Innocence released 2 september 2018

53. Subsonic Eye (Singapore) ‘Come Around’ from Dive Into released 14 september 218 via  Middle Class Cigars Records

54. Trillion  (Sydney, Australia) ‘Drive Away’ from Maybe Sometime Soon released 9 august 2018

55. Lovesick (Sydney / L.A., CA)  ‘Collarbone’ from An Introduction released 24 august 2018 via Sun Terrace Records

56. Soundpool (New York)  ‘My Ethereal Daydream’ from On High released 29 august 2018

Playlist by  Psychgazer


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