Magic Flight Launch Box   

Magic Flight Launch Box    

Leland, Illinois
Magic Flight Launch Box is an iconoclastic and experimental sound and visual experience, an implosion of shoegaze, psych, jazz, grunge, spoken lyrics,  in a hypnotic wave of intimate swirling, twisting around fuzzy and electric whispers. Simply brilliant.

Magic Flight Launch Box is not only  music  and  sound is Visual  and art too.


Matthew J Tow (Drop City, Coloursound, The Lovetones, BJM …)

Drop City (Sydney), the Matthew J. Tow’s  band (also ‘Colorsound’ and our favourites ‘The Lovetones’) released on December 22, 2017 the album ‘Drop City – Dream Sequence (B-Sides and Rarities)’, a compilation album of b-sides and rarities recorded between 1994 and 2000. Exclusively on Bandcamp.

The prolific musical creativity of Matthew J. Tow, adds the important collaborations made. In 2003 Matthew joined The Brian Jonestown Massacre as a touring rhythm guitarist and collaborated with Anton Newcombe, writing 2 songs for the ‘And This Is Our Music ’ album (Starcleaner’ & ‘A New Low Is Getting High‘)

In 2013 Matthew, staying true to his personal style of elegant psychedelia, released his first solo album ‘The Way Of Things’ (Xemu Records) produced by Collin Hegna (Federale, BJM) and Ryan Carlson van Kriedt (The Asteroid No 4, Dead Skeletons); in August  2016 released ‘Shadows’ Reign’. Soundcloud

2017, the year of plant cell

The Japanese band plant cell  (Tokyo) has released  in december 2017 ‘Cyan EP’, including new versions of ‘cyan’ and ‘marguerite’, songs from the album ‘Flowergaze? (rebuild)  and  tracks previosly posted on their fertile Soundcloud page.

The albums meet all the requirements of the Shoegaze more intense, pure, sensual, ethereal, natural, hallucinogenic, atmospheric, symphonic … . The guitars build, from a complex minimalism, concentric distorted circles around the voices of Erico and Masaki  discovering a landscape with new heights of sounds and reverbs.

Flowergaze? (rebuild) is already, in the short term of one year ,a ‘cult album’, but Cyan EP is even a more ellaborated work of plant cell,  one of the most prolific and highest quality bands of the shoegaze sphere. Faithful follower of the band I have rediscovered in ‘Cyan’ the maturity of one of the best outfit of musicians of the last decade.

Masaki Sato :0010849571_21 Vocal&Guitar
Eriko : Vocal&Guitar
Kiwako : Bass
Nao : Piccolo bass
Sino : Drums
Makiku : Guitar 

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